The Legend of Cessna


From its first single seat monoplane, handmade in 1916, Cessna Aircraft Company has grown to become the world’s largest general aviation manufacturer. Discover the remarkable aircraft, people, and events that have shaped the “Legend of Cessna” in this illustrated third edition by author, historian, and pilot Rodengen.

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Author: Rodengen, Jeffrey L.

When Clyde Cessna flew his beloved Silver Wings for the first time in 1911, flight was just a novelty. In less than 90 years, rapid advances in flight have changed the way we live, work, and wage war, and the Cessna Aircraft Company helped pioneer the way. Discover the designers, leaders, innovators, and events that have shaped the aviation industry. From Cessna’s first flight to the Citation X cruising at Mach 92, this extraordinary history is a valuable part of the flying experience.

Hardcover (336 pages)

ISBN 10: 1932022260
ISBN 13: 9781932022261

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