Teaching Confidence In The Clouds, an instructors guide to using desktop flight simulators


A guide to using desktop flight simulators for instrument training and proficiency.

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Today, pilots are faced with a new and challenging era of glass cockpit general aviation aircraft, innovative aircraft design, advances in avionics technology, and changes to instrument procedures and airspace. Students are more technically savvy. Therefore with time/money always at a minimum, a demand exists for highly skilled flight instructors who know the best teaching methods for flying IFR.

Teaching Confidence in the Clouds offers real-life application of computer desktop flight simulators and flight training devices (PCATDs and Basic ATDs) as they relate to current methods of instrument training. Since they were first adopted in 1997, FAA-approved desktop flight simulators have been an effective means to train students. The scenario-based training concepts, training assignments, and instructor tips included in this book will be a valuable resource for any pilot currently taking instrument training, instrument pilots that want to improve their skills, or for flight instructors wanting to help their students reduce the number of hours needed to complete an instrument training program.

Copyright © 2007 Thomas N. Gilmore

ISBN 9781560276814

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