ASA iPad mini Kneeboard


Professional and lightweight portfolio offers flexibility and protection in the air and on the ground. Fits iPad mini models.  15 cm W x 20.5 cm H x 2 cm D; opens to 30.5 cm W

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The ASA iPad mini Kneeboard allows access to the iPad mini while flying, and device protection when outside the cockpit. Made of eco-friendly, top-quality microfiber leather, this lightweight kneeboard includes a wide hook-and-loop adjustable strap. A handy clip on the front of the kneeboard will hold a notepad, and there are elastic loops on each side to hold a pencil, pen, and/or stylus. A soft, gray, microfiber interior protects the screen from damage, and flexible corner clips take up minimal screen space and keep the device secure during abrupt altitude changes and turbulence.

15 cm W x 20.5 cm H x 2 cm D; opens to 30.5 cm W

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